Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The prostitutes who have worked for the Shriners are set to go public on a world-wide TV and internet blast!  Anyone who has been a paid drug dealer, prostitute, or producer of fun for thw Shriners, please come forward to enter the sweepstakes.  The person with the most VALID, SHOCKNG, and ILLICIT story WILL WIN!
Certain restricitions apply.  The deadline to enter is 12/31/2010

The Secret Revealed: Shriners are a Muslim Terrorist Cult that uses the Hospitals as a Front to Fund Terrorism

See!  This website exposes Masons and Shriners as Luciferians and how Shriners swear on the Koran (Islamic Faith) and are disciples of Satan.  Check out these videos on youtube that already claim what we have been saying!

Youtube videos:

Shriner admits he's Lucifer

What the Shriners Really Believe

Initiation Secrets of the Shriners

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tiger Woods confirms the PGA Tour ruined his life yesterday – 11/20/2010 Tiger Woods made a public statement on national TV.

 -11/20/2010 Tiger Woods made a public statement on national TV. 
“The PGA Tour ruined my life!”  On our blog yesterday we posted the question, “Did the PGA Tour introduce Tiger Woods to prostitution among other illicit activities?”
We have interviewed several prostitutes who state that they were hired by members of the Shriners staff at various events to help coerce people into donations and corporate sponsor support.  These prostitutes will come forward in a Town Hall Meeting on television about the unscrupulous, illicit, misrepresenting the charitable organization and their “secret” behavior!”  The Shriners are a bunch of “dirty old men!”  No one wanted to believe that the Catholic Priests and Monks were abusing Children and followers.  Now we see that so-called good entity, the Catholic Church, promoting demonic behavior and trying to hide it.  People need to stop being fooled by organized mind control.  Perhaps this is why the new member efforts of the Shriners are failing?  Our young people think mainly for themselves now.  Thank God!

The Shriners Plan to Kill Justin Timberlake Foiled

Justin Timberlake has been sucked into these evil people’s world of the Shriners.  At his last JT PGA Shriners Hospital golf tournament, the Shriners organization suggested that a life insurance policy be taken out on Justin Timberlake to insure his financial keep to the Shriners.  The Shriners use sick and disfigured children to gain sympathy, sorrow, and manipulate you into bequeathing all your assets to them!  This is how they have an $8 billion endowment.  People leave their farms, assets, personal effects, etc.  The devil appears as an angel of light but is really the angel of darkness!  Thank god Justin refused to allow the Shriners to take out a life insurance policy on him!  He saved his life.  We all know what happened to Michael Jackson!  The evil producer of “This is It” had a life insurance policy, assets as collateral and contracts on Michael’s Estate.  Michael Jackson asked for his assets back.  They killed him!  The Shriners have confirmed their thoughts of Justin!  Hopefully it won’t be another Michael Jackson situation.  Beware of people who have secrets and use secrecy as a selling point.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Is Justin Timberlake a Devil Worshiper? and Is this the Reason Why He Supports the Shriners?

Illuminati, Free Masons, Shriners.... who are these mysterious peopleWell...THEY ARE DEVIL WORSHIPERS!  They appear to do good with god, however when you get to the infamous 33rd degree, it is revealed to you that they are devil worshipers.  The devil is a cold player who uses god to get you in and take your soul!  How and why did Justin Timberlake and the PGA Tour get involved with these devils?  Could it be they are devil worshipers too?  Is it true that artists sell their souls to the devil for fame?  Did our sweet boy next door join in support of the Shriners to ink his deal with the devil for fame?  Is the PGA Tour and Corporate America in support of the Shriners to be a part of the mysterious Illuminati to gain control of the masses? 

Do the Shriners and the PGA Tour use prostitutes, drugs, and kickbacks to court Corporate America for sponsorships?  Could it be that the PGA Tour introduced Tiger Woods to prostitution?

Join us as we take a closer look at Hollywood, Corporate America, The PGA Tour and sports as we try to find out why we like them so much or have been manipulated into thinking we like them.  This is the first key to the mystical powers of the Free Masons, the Shriners, and the Illuminati.